NAUDET offers to repair and check your broken, defective or unreliable instruments. We have a large stock of new or reconditioned parts. Below, you will find the instructions for sending us your instruments.

Upon receipt of your instrument, NAUDET prepares a repair estimate. Once accepted, the repair is done at NAUDET shop  and the instrument is returned promptly, according to your instructions. If you do not accept the estimate, NAUDET will only charge you for the return shipping costs.

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Thank you for joining this document in your package and don’t forget to properly protect the instrument before shipping.  All moving part must be properly secured and the wrapping must be sufficient and properly done. If you have any concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us. An estimate will be sent within days following the receipt of the unit.

Find the respective instructions for your instrument NAUDET

Instructions for barograph 43/2A, 43/2N, 43/2AL, 46/2C et 46/2D : click here
Instructions for barograph 48/2A, 48/2N, 48/2C et 48/2D : click here
Instructions for barograph 48/AL : click here
Instructions for barograph 60/2A : click here

Settings of the handle according to the barometer altitude

Each of our barometers is set in our workshop according to the altitude of the place of use (pressure reduced to sea level). For a altitude perfect setting you must to adjust thanks to the screw on the back of the case. This correction is possible within a range of up to 400 meters. You must therefore move the handle to the right for a higher altitude and to the left for a lower altitude.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: all settings outside the 400 meters range must be performed in a pressurized box at our workshops.